Helpunemployed.com was created to bring people together who are unemployed or underemployed and in need of guidance and moral support.  The creator of this website has been where you are now and is now in the Underemployed category working her way back up to where she was before she was laid off.  When she was seeking opportunities there wasn’t one online forum where people could connect and seek advice that were unemployed.  Helpunemployed.com strives to bring people back to a place where financial, career, and emotional and physical stability is back in their lives to stay.  
Please contact this site if you would like to contribute budget friendly recipes (please include total cost of each item and has to be less than $2.50 per serving), financial, career, and physical/emotional advice for our blogs.  Also, if you are a professional that can help, please reach out for future advertising opportunities.
Good luck in your search and remember there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.